ASCA is seeking a Director of Community Engagement. Please review the following job description and if you have an interest in the position, send an email with your resume and letter of interest to

Position Title: Director of Family and Community Engagement
Reports To: Principal of All Saints Catholic Academy
Status: Exempt
Approved By:
Prepared Date: March 19, 2020

Position Summary:

The Director of Family and Community Engagement will be the direct liaison between All Saints Catholic Academy (ASCA) and the families of its enrolled students. This staff member will work to bridge the gap between home and school by helping parents obtain the information and resources they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success. The position is responsible for creating strong partnerships with parents/guardians in order to support student achievement, school retention, and a culture of engagement. The Director will also build positive relationships between the Academy and community stakeholders in New Haven, in order to increase positive school visibility and identify opportunities for student educational enrichment and mutual school/community cooperation.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Foster a culture of community in which all stakeholders work together to fulfill the school’s mission and vision.
  2. Serve as a school/family liaison, connecting parents/guardians to important information and available resources to ensure a successful academic experience.
  3. Maintain awareness of student/family concerns to facilitate positive and rapid response by school administration.
  4. Engage parents/guardians to be full partners with the school by encouraging open and continual communication between them and the school community.
  5. Provide early intervention to students/families in the event that problems or difficulties arise.
  6. Assist in the development of parent/guardian organizations such as the Home and School Association and Academy Ambassadors to support positive relations within the school community and beyond.
  7. Develop opportunities (activities, events, organizations) to strengthen the engagement of students/families in the ASCA community, supporting both school retention and strong enrollment management.
  8. Assist the principal in administering a yearly survey to gauge the level of parent/guardian satisfaction with the school and to develop strategies responding effectively to those concerns and recommendations that may surface.
  9. Assist the School Board in identifying and recruiting active committee members from among the parent/guardian community, the alumni community, and the local business and professional communities.
  10. Build positive relationships between the local business/education community and the school in order to strengthen student learning and achievement, increase positive visibility, and create opportunities for the engagement of those entities with the school.
  11. Serve as the ASCA representative in local community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce.
  12. Provide support to other staff members in their efforts to recruit students and to raise philanthropic funds.
  13. Provide workshops for the parent/guardian community to support their parenting skills as they partner with ASCA to educate their children.
  14. Oversee the parent volunteer program (ASCA Ambassadors), identifying appropriate activities, providing guidance for the completion of those duties, and creating means of recognition for the work of these volunteers.

Knowledge and Skills Needed:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Experience in elementary education
  3. Excellent communication skills, written and oral
  4. Knowledge of and enthusiastic commitment to the school and its mission
  5. Ability to interact with the internal and external school communities: strong interpersonal skills
  6. Experience working with diverse populations
  7. Bi-lingual skills preferred
  8. Ability to be a highly collaborative self-starter
  9. Ease in working independently and with volunteer committees

Working Environment:

  1. Weekend and evening work hours may be required
  2. Travel may be required

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